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1. Next.js Official Website#

Next.js website has very good documentation with example projects and blog posts, you should check it out. Another reason to check it out is Next.js is changing very fast and it will be good for you to keep up with it from the official docs.

2. Mastering Next.js by Lee Robinson#

Lee Robinson is a developer, writer, and creator. He works at ▲Vercel as a Solutions Architect. He has a youtube channel, you should check it out to learn more about Next.js.

3. Awesome Next.js#

A curated list of awesome resources: books, videos, articles about using Next.js.

4. Awesome Open Source#

The Top 288 Next.js Open Source Projects.

5. The Next.js Handbook by Flavio Copes#

6. Next Examples#

Explore all the official Next.js examples.

7. Colby Fayock's Full Stack Next.js Tutorial#

Learn how to take a new project from design to development in this crash course. We'll walk through the full stack of building a new web app including designing a new app, starting the app from scratch, building components, adding dynamic content with authenticated APIs, automating tests, and deploying the project to the web.

8. Net Ninja-Next.js Tutorials#

The Net Ninja has created a new Next.js series with 14 episodes. They are short and sweet, you will learn the basics of Next.js.

9. Brad Traversy's New Next.js Tutorial#

10. Build a Fullstack App With Strapi and Next.js with Chris Sev#

11. Next.js from the Ground Up by Cassidy Williams#

Join Cassidy as she guides through all the essentials for getting up and running with Next.js!

12. Nextjs Fundamentals by Codedamn#

Equip yourself with the core fundamentals of Next.js - the most popular choice for building server-side rendering applications with React.

13. Next.js in 100 Seconds // Plus Full Beginner's Tutorial by Fireship#

Learn the basics of Next.js in 100 Seconds! Then build your first server-rendered react app with a full Next.js beginner's tutorial.