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Websites For Learning How to Code


Here, you can access any information that you are looking for. It is like a documentation page and it provides a quick and short guide for whatever you are looking for.

2.Scaler Topics#

Programming articles related to Python, Java, Data Structure, C/C++ and other popular programming languages with easy to follow tutorials and example programs.

3.Learn X in Y minutes#

This website is also similar to devdocs.

4.Learn with Jason#

Learn with Jason is live, hands-on learning with brilliant teachers from the web community every Tuesday & Thursday. Jason Lengstorf invites other developers and you can join live coding sessions every week. You can learn Typescript, Next.js, Vue, D3, Serverless Functions, and much more by one of the best developers in the industry.


Open source workshops that teach web software skills. Do them on your own or at a workshop nearby. You can join Node.js workshops for free and work with mentors.


Kadenze brings together the world's leading colleges, universities, and industry partners to provide the best online courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Design, Music, and Math.

7.Test Automation University#

Here you can learn all about testing in Javascript, Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Swift, no-code solutions, and QA testing. You can enroll for learning paths and it's totally free.

8.E-book Foundation#

Freely available programming books


10.Upcase by ThoughtBot#

Free screencasts, exercises, and community for intermediate and advanced developers. You can learn how to write Clean Code, Git, Ruby on Rails, Testing, iOS, Haskell, Javascript, Vim, tmux, and Design.

11.App Academy Free Plan#

App Academy has a free plan and you can go from beginner to advanced level with projects. They have Ruby, SQL, Rails, Javascript, React, Full Stack Project, Mern Stack Curriculum, Job Search Module, Docker Curriculum, GraphQL Curriculum, and Data Structures and Algorithms courses.

12.Dev Hints#

You can find cheatsheets here.

13.Codelabs/Pathways by Google#

Google Developers Codelabs provide a guided, tutorial, hands-on coding experience. Most codelabs will step you through the process of building a small application or adding a new feature to an existing application. They cover a wide range of topics such as Android Wear, Google Compute Engine, Project Tango, and Google APIs on iOS.


Free Workshop Access by Packt.

One year of access to foundational workshops, available at no charge for registered Packt users.

15.Academic Earth#

Academic Earth has launched on the premise that everyone deserves access to a world-class education. In 2009, we built the first collection of free online college courses from the world’s top universities. The world of open education has exploded since then, so today our curated lists of online courses are hand-selected by our staff to show you the very best offerings by subject area. We also make sure there is something for everyone: whether you want to explore a new topic or advance in your current field, we bring the amazing world of academia to you for free.

16.Eduonix Free Courses#

17.Wesbos Free Courses#

Wes Bos has free CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, Redux, and Javascript courses.

18.Free Frontend#

Collection of free HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, React, Node, and other) books. Read online and download (.pdf).


Learn to Code HTML & CSS has one goal — to teach people how to build beautiful and intuitive websites by way of clear and organized lessons. The guide covers a variety of web design and development topics, ranging from beginner to advanced skill levels.

20.Lifewire Web Development#


Free Coding Camp.

22.Rithm School#

23.Educative Free Courses#

24.Html Dog#

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials.

25.Oreilly Katacoda#

Learn Cloud-Native Technologies with Free Courses.

Over 250 interactive scenarios helping you solve real problems and learn new skills.


27.Tobia Sahlin Blogs#


Galvanize prepares you for a career as a software engineer or data scientist in as little as 12 weeks.

29.Channel 9 by Microsoft#

30.General Assembly Free Courses#


We curated the best tutorials from around the web and created a free full stack web development curriculum by top engineers.

32.Saylor Academy#

Build new skills or work toward a degree at your own pace with free Saylor Academy college courses.

33.Geek for Geeks#

34.Microsoft Learn#

35.30 Seconds of Code#

Short code snippets for all your development needs

36.Exl Skills#

37.Goal Kicker#

Programming Notes for Professionals books

38.Level Up Tutorials#

39.Envato Tuts+#

40.Scrimba Free Courses#


Free online courses from the world’s leading experts.

42.Launch School Books#

Beginner-level books.

43.Html Online#

This free HTML WYSIWYG editor program allows you to edit your source code online without downloading any application. Guaranteed the best visual webpage builder software you can find out there!

44.teach yourself to code#

Top tutorials, recommended by programmers

45.Great Learning Academy#

46.Free Video Lectures#

47.Women Who Code Resources#

48.Free Computer Books#


50.Udacity Free Courses#

51.Flatiron School-Free Coding Bootcamp Prep#

Flatiron School is offering a free Coding Bootcamp that you can learn HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Data Science, and Hacking 101.

52.Learn Anything#

Just search for whatever you would like to learn and it will show you resources.

53.The Odin Project#

This is the website we wish we had when we were learning on our own. We scour the internet looking for only the best resources to supplement your learning and present them in a logical order. Learn, build and connect.


Learn web development with high-quality classes, tutorials, tools, and demos, for free!


This high-quality curriculum is carefully designed to teach you job skills as a programmer. You're going to learn a massive set of skills ranging from fundamentals of programming and computer science, data structures and algorithms, state-of-the-art tools, libraries, and frameworks.

You'll learn by building real-world applications, and learn theory along the way.

These lessons are taught by seasoned teachers who explain everything in surprisingly simple language. That's what makes Upskill unique!

Don't wait to get started - we offer over 200 free lessons and add new lessons regularly!

56.Web Dev For Beginners by Microsoft#

24 Lessons, 12 Weeks, Get Started as a Web Developer.

57.Awesome List#

A quick search for Awesome lists.

58.Awesome Indexed#

Search the Awesome dataset.

59.Awesome Viewer#

A visualizer for all of the Awesome lists.

60.Harvard Online Courses#

Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

61.Open Learn#

Everything on the multi-award-winning OpenLearn is free to everyone!

62.Code Conquest#

Free Coding Guide for Beginners.

63.Android Google Training#

64.After Hours Programming#


Free courses with certificates.

Stepik is a cloud-based platform that is designed to create and distribute interactive educational content as well as provide various types of automatically graded assignments with real-time feedback. Platform is suitable for a multitude of e-learning activities, from private on-campus classes to massive open online courses (MOOCs). When designing Stepik, we have kept the requirements of computer science education in mind, for this platform to effectively cater to your educational needs.

You can learn for free on Stepik, as well as create your own courses and teach others.


100% access to On-Air streaming classes. No credit card required.

67.Cognitive Class by IBM#

Learn Data Science, Containers, Big Data, and much more for free. Also, you can earn a badge and show off your badges. Build your career with skills employers seek.

68.Site Point Blogs#

69.Digital Ocean Community#

You can read high-quality blog posts, tutorials, watch tech talks, and webinars.

70.Smashing Magazine Articles#


Get lifetime access to ALL courses - AI, Cloud, Web Development & 20 other categories

72.Lambda School's Free HTML-CSS Course and Live Instruction Recordings#

Get your first taste of what it's like to build websites. We'll walk you through how HTML works and how to write it, and then you'll build a project to show off your skills.

73.JetBrains Academy#

We believe that learning to program is not only about knowing specific tools and concepts but also about acquiring a set of mental skills that can help you solve complex problems.

74. IBM Training#

IBM Training and certifications offers you the ability to earn credentials to demonstrate your expertise. It is designed to validate your skills and capability to perform role-related tasks and activities at a specified level of competence.

75. Tutorial Edge#

76. Coders Diaries#

Industry level real world project oriented javascript and python web development courses made by full stack professionals

77. Starweaver#

78. FreeCodeCamp#

Free Code Camp is an open source community that helps people learn to code. They have certifications you can obtain through completing their coursework/curriculum such as Front End Development, Data Visualization, Back End Development, and Full Stack Development.

79. Exercism#

Exercism is open source and 100% free. Help us provide opportunity for people of all backgrounds by helping them develop their programming skills through code practice and mentorship.

80. PageSpeed Insights#

PageSpeed Insights is an online service provided by Google to examine the loading time of a website and, if necessary, to optimize it.